Smart Metering Technologies Division
focus on developing tele-metering solutions for different utility's needs. Contar's solutions covers utility needs in commercial, industrial metering, Large Industrial and Grid.

Moreover, Contar also offer special solutions for Electrical Vehicle metering chargers, Public light metering controllers and others applications.



Communication Technologies Division
efforts on developing and delivering products that guaranty good performance under difficult communication conditions.

Contar delivers Communications products on, PLC, GPRS, 3G, Zig-Bee, WM-bus, Ethernet, PSTN, Wi-Max and Wi-Fi. Moreover, Contar is continuously seeking for new technologies and trends to be first to deliver added value to the client.



Information Technology Division
focuses on create software platforms that aims to explore metering capabilities and to integrate different metering solutions with Client's and Partner's needs.

Partners, with their specific competences, are key elements to create the global solution for the End-Client.


Electronics Production Division produces Contar and partner's products.

Production division is specialized to manufacture and test electronic boards, and assemble end product for metering, communication and industrial products.


Advance-metering consultancy
concentrates its effort to create add-value to client and partners.

Seeking for opportunities to leverage market opportunity, Contar deliver its knowhow in metering, communication, EMC test labs, Industrial production and energy system to develop innovative solutions that bring the solution to the client.