Since 1992, Contar develops and creates innovative solutions for Smart Metering. We focus to design, develop and produce metering components, such as Smart-Meters, Communication modules, Head-end system and MDM systems. Additionally, we offer smart solutions for Energy, Water and Gas efficiency from Producers to Consumers. We are currently with presence in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Contar provides the technology for JANZ meters and others partners supported in our knowhow on Smartgrid and Smart-city.

Our vision is to maintain the organization’s global image of cutting-edge sustainable technologies provider, as well as increasing the domestic and international market share.

Our mission is to Develop, Manufacture and Commercialize the best and most advantage electronic metering systems for Electricity, Water and Gas business.
Contar develops innovative technologies, produce and distribute products specially for tele-metering. Moreover, we support partners and service customers worldwide. Our activities are focus in five divisions: Metering, Communication, Information Technology, Electronics Production and Advance-metering consultancy.

Contar is deeply experienced in AMR/AMI/AMM, Smartgrid and Smart-City systems. By development, implementation and support, Contar are committed to provide the best solution in Smartgrid and other innovative solutions based on our research & development and our envisioning of the future.